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Summer Swimsuit Trends for 2013

June 3rd, 2013 Seasonal

The spring is now in full swing, which means that hot, sticky summer weather is on the way. While the heat can make it uncomfortable for you to sit around your house or office, it does make for perfect beach weather. Of course, you can't hit the beach without the perfect swimsuit, and if it's been a while since you purchased a new one, you might want to consider hitting the stores. Along with many interesting clothing trends, 2013 has also brought about some hot new swimsuit looks that you should check out. 

Graphic prints - Harper's Bazaar magazine states that this summer, one of the hottest trends that you'll see on the beach are swimsuits with graphic designs. This means a lot of stripes, cutouts and interesting patterns that are sure to catch the eye. Also, these graphic prints look great on a one-piece suit, which is perfect if you're someone who doesn't feel comfortable donning a bikini when you hit the water. 

Retro - states that the vintage look is in this year when it comes to swimsuits. The best part about this look is that not only are retro suits cute, but they're  very flattering to the figure. The news source explained that many retro suits have supportive halter straps or bra-like cups and high-waisted bottoms, so they're perfect for the curvy girl who wants to show off her figure without having everything hanging out. 

Monokinis - Do you sometimes have trouble deciding between a one-piece suit or a bikini? If so, why not have a little bit of both by rocking a monokini? These are one-piece swimsuits that have strategic cutouts so they show off a little more skin. MSN points out that while some of these cutouts are subtle, many of them are quite scandalous, so you can choose exactly how much skin you want to show. 

Frilly bikini tops - If you're lacking a little in the chest department, these trendy bikini tops are perfect for you. The layered, frilly tops will give you some extra girth up top, and can also be a good option for when you want to be a little more modest on the beach if you're going to be around children. 

Floral and tribal prints - According to Harper's, bathing suits with floral prints are very popular this season. These suits are perfect if you're looking for something that has a feminine, girlish feel to it. If you're not the kind of girl who wants to wear a lot of flowers, then consider going with another popular tend this summer:  tribal prints. It's all about being bold on the beach, and big, tribal prints are colorful, bright and sure to turn heads while you're strutting down the boardwalk. 

Bows, bows, bows - Bathing suits with bows on them are big this summer, which can also go along with the retro look. Whether it's a one-piece suit with a bow on the top, or a bikini with cute bows on the sides, you're sure to find a suit with a bow that's right for you. 

Digital prints - In this day and age, it seems as though everything is digitalized - and bathing suits are no exception! You can find suits with digital pictures printed on them of almost anything you could want. Cityscapes are particularly popular to have printed on a suit, and you're sure to find the city you love featured on a bikini or one-piece. 

No matter what type of body you have, one of these suits will be just what you need to look great on the beach.