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Three Great Films About Election Campaigns

December 31st, 2012 Seasonal

The media is inundated with election-related content when an election is on the horizon, whether it's promotional commercials run by the candidates' campaigns, coverage of the national conventions or other news-related stories. If you've gotten election fever and have a penchant for anything and everything political, you may want to check out these films from the past that focus on campaigns.

All the King's Men

All the King's Men is from the mid-20th century and it stars Broderick Crawford, who plays a southern lawyer named Willie Stark who runs for governor. This film shows the dishonest side of politics as Stark realizes that all he has to do to capture the affections of his constituents is tell them what they want to hear, while playing dirty and smearing the name of his rivals. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, All the King's Men is based on a novel inspired by Huey P. Long, a governor of Louisiana who was assassinated in 1935.

The Best Man

The Best Man was filmed in 1964 and it shows the mudslinging aspect of politics, when candidates uncover harsh truths about each other in order to come out ahead. Henry Fonda and Cliff Robertson play eager politicians who are both looking to be nominated. As the stakes get higher and the race gets closer, they have to take into account how dirty they're willing to play to come out on top. The Best Man also shows the infallibility of politicians and how everyone has some character flaw that can be used against him or her.


This risqué flick starring the late and great Paul Newman, portrays how morality (or lack of) can hurt you in the political process. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Newman plays a governor from Louisiana who begins an affair with an exotic dancer. His political opponents use this to soil his reputation, while his spouse plots to have him institutionalized.