Tips For Gearing Up For the Upcoming NFL Season |

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Tips For Gearing Up For the Upcoming NFL Season

December 31st, 2012 Seasonal

As an avid fan of football, you're undoubtedly excited about the impending professional season. The preseason games are great primers for the real action, but soon you'll be spending your Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays watching your favorite team go head-to-head with the rest of the league. Here are a few ways to help get ready for the upcoming action.

Clear your calendar

While each game is important, there are going to be a few that will be extra attention grabbing, notably those bouts when your team rematches its old rival or perhaps plays last year's champion. Look at your team's schedule and circle any specific games that you just can't bear to miss. Mark those on your calendar so you don't double book and be forced to witness it on the next morning's highlights.

Get your fantasy league on

A great way to stay invested in the upcoming season is to start a fantasy football league in which you get to choose players from each team to form your own dream roster. The success of your team has to do with how well each player performs. Start a league with your friends and, to add some incentive, think about throwing in a few dollars for a first-place prize.

Buy a jersey

There's no better way to represent your favorite player than to rock his jersey. Go to a local sporting goods store and buy the shirt of the player who you think will be the most valuable this year - at least you'll know what to wear every Sunday!

Plan a party

Football is best enjoyed with friends, family and fellow fans. Choose certain games during which you and your friends can gather together to cheer on your team. If one of your guests likes a different team, there will be a fun rivalry added to the night.