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Tips for Serving Cake and Ice Cream

January 2nd, 2013 Seasonal

Cake and ice cream are birthday staples, especially if you have young children who look forward to blowing out the birthday candles all day. Instead of stressing out about the best way to slice the cake or divvy up the ice cream, use these easy tips from Real Simple magazine.

1. Use dental floss to slice up a sheet cake. A piece of unflavored wax dental floss about a foot longer than the length of the cake makes much neater strokes than a knife, and your pieces will be more likely to end up being the same size. Just hold it taught in both hands and press down into the cake. Let go of one end and slide it out the side before continuing to cut.

2. Round cakes can be difficult to section because it's hard to keep the slices uniform. A simple fix is to form a circle in the center of the cake, then cut the outer ring into wedges. These pieces will be a hit with the kids because they have more frosting. Separate the inner ring into slices and serve to the adults.

3. If you're really not looking forward to messing around with a cake, cupcakes are super easy options and are just as tasty. Consider making your own or buying them - you could even put ice cream inside to save yourself from having to serve that too.

4. If you separate the ice cream into servings before the party, you'll be able to get them out to guests in no time. Just place single scoops into cupcake liners in a pan, then store in the freezer. Break them out when it's time for cake and give one to each guest - with or without the liner.

5. Instead of having to deal with an ice cream scoop, try using a knife. Just get a cardboard container and slice right through it in half. Take out the ice cream, then cut it into slices and serve. Easy!