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Tips for Throwing the Best Labor Day Bash

August 9th, 2013 Seasonal

This Labor Day invite your friends, family and co-workers over to your place for a fun respite from the regular workweek. Celebrate the end of summer in ways you haven't before with these smart and unique party tips! 

Labor Day is an annual commemoration of American workers and their contributions to the social and economic strength of our nation. The first Labor Day was celebrated in 1882, in New York City. It was organized by the Central Labor Union, the first integrated labor union in the United States. In 1884, the holiday's date was designated to be every first Monday in September. The Central Labor Union encouraged other cities to observe the holiday, and by the end of the 19th century, many industrial centers throughout the country honored the workforce in Labor Day celebrations. 

Over the course of American history, Labor Day has remained one of the most beloved national holidays. Here are a few tips on how to throw a great Labor Day party this year!

Making your home party-ready
Highlight the weather
Early September is usually one of the finest times of the year, weather wise. Take advantage of the warm, fresh late summer air and host your bash outside! Backyards, front porches and even large balconies are ideal for Labor Day celebrations. If you don't have an outdoor space on your property, try to decorate the window areas in order to make your home feel more airy. One ornamental suggestion is to open all the windows and hang outdoor string lights near the apertures to add a festive ambience to your indoor party. The hanging lights and breeze from your open windows will fool your guests into believing they are celebrating outside!

Pay an unexpected tribute
All too often, Labor Day parties stray from the holiday's intended purpose of celebrating workers. Add a historical touch to your fete with wall art! Highlight some of the most iconic workers by printing and hanging their images on your wall spaces. Try including a print of the famed "Rosie the Riveter" by J. Howard Miller. According to the Department of Labor website, Rosie is one of the most readily recognizable faces of labor. Another idea is to hang a print of "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" by Charles C. Ebbets, the quintessential photograph of the workforce during the Great Depression. The photograph depicts men eating lunch on an exposed beam of the half-finished Rockefeller Building without any safety harnesses, highlighting how scarce work was at that time. One more suggestion is to hang a print of Martin Luther King Jr. addressing the crowd during the March on Washington, calling for equal workers' rights for African Americans.

There are many heroic images of the labor force, so hang some up! Decorate appropriately for your Labor Day party and impress your guests.

Choosing a menu
Make it a potluck
No one wants to spend all of their mini-vacation slaving away over food! For that reason, make your bash a potluck affair. Keep the menu balanced by asking your guests to bring a course-specific dish. If you have a grill, fire it up and ask your visitors to bring their share of food still raw. Don't forget to be prepared with stocks of paper plates, plastic cutlery and glasses to minimize clean-up. 

Prepare an easy treat
Making a simple dessert can go a long way in pleasing party-goers. Try a fun parfait recipe, like a recent version from Martha Stewart, to make a delicious, light end-of-summer treat that requires no cooking at all! Make easy parfaits by layering watermelon cubes and coconut sorbet. Top off with lime zest and you're ready to host your best Labor Day bash yet!