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Top 3 Warm Weather Car Care Tips

July 11th, 2013 Seasonal

Cold weather always seems like the most harrowing time of the year for drivers, but hot temperatures can also bring their fair share of problems. As the months of May, June and July set in, there are a variety of vehicle checks and seasonal purchases you should make to ensure that your car is running great all season long. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind before the mercury starts to rise.

Get an oil change
According to, high heat can harm a car engine's ability to lubricate, and this can be made much worse by having dirty oil running through your engine. Be sure to get this changed out earlier in the season, and if you live in an especially warm area of the U.S., invest in a high-viscosity oil. These oils as well as synthetic blends are tailored to high temperature operation and are beneficial for high mileage engines as well.

Wax your car
Ultraviolet rays are far stronger during the spring and summer, and in addition to causing nasty sunburns, they can be a hazard for your car's paint job. Early on the in season, make an effort to give your car's body a full wax to provide some form of protective layer on the outside of the vehicle.

Check your battery
High temperatures can also wreak havoc on car batteries, so if you haven't changed yours recently, it may be a good idea to have yours checked or replaced. According to, heat and overcharging can damage the internal components of a car battery, including the evaporation of battery fluid. Use distilled water to fill these cells regularly and inspect it before the hot temperatures arrive.