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Unexpected Ways to Lower Your Home's Heating Bills This Autumn And Winter

October 23rd, 2013 Seasonal

Autumn is finally here and winter is just around the corner, which means that soon you'll be watching your home's heating bills climb sky high. While nobody wants to shell out big bucks to keep up with rising oil and natural gas costs, the alternative of living in an ice-cold home for the next several months isn't exactly appealing either.
So, what's a cost-conscious homeowner to do to keep from freezing this season? Here are three unexpected ways to lower your home's heating bills this autumn and winter.

Check your lights and outlets
Just about everyone knows that poorly-insulated windows and doors can be major contributors to heat loss during the colder months. However, your home's light fixtures and electrical outlets can also contribute to cold drafts of air. Recessed ceiling lights are pathways for warm air to escape into the upper regions of your home while outlets can let in cold air from your basement and outside. Consider placing extra insulation around these problem areas to better insulate your home.

Install radiant floor heating
While it's certainly not a cheap investment, installing radiant floor heating can be a great and eco-friendly way to lower your heating bills over time. Unlike heating systems that use air ducts, heated floor panels can warm rooms without forcing dust and other airborne irritants around your home's interior. Even better, you can heat specific rooms individually so you don't need to waste excess energy throughout your entire house.

Insulate your garage door

Do you have a garage attached to your home? These areas are typically drafty and cold, which could be taking a toll on the temperatures inside the rest of your house. Consider installing weatherstripping along the frame of your garage door to limit cold drafts of air from entering.