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Unique Ways to Wrap Your Gifts

January 2nd, 2013 Seasonal

Wrapping paper, bows and ribbons come in numerous varieties, many of which are targeted toward specific occasions. If you want to think out of the standard gift-wrapped box, there are plenty of ways to make your present look as special on the outside as it is on the inside.

Customized paper. It's pretty easy to make your own decorative paper, but strangely enough, not that many people think of it. Try buying a roll of plain white paper or white wrapping paper with a subtle pattern. Whip out a few markers and doodle away or write a personal message in your kookiest or most elegant handwriting. Not only will it look fun and unique, but you'll have a blast doing it!

Cool objects. You can tie an interesting or fun object into the ribbon to match what's inside or just as a decoration. For a Christmas gift, try adding a little reindeer figurine or a piece of holly. Natural elements like twigs or coral look very chic when paired with a pretty bow.

Upgraded ribbon. There's no need to find an elaborate wrapping paper if you have a special ribbon. Look for a special fabric, like velvet or satin, and let it shine against a plain background. Patterned ribbons are available at most craft stores and can match the occasion or the tastes of the recipient.

Pretty boxes. If you find a nice decorative box, there's no need to cover it with paper. Look for one in an interesting shape that will fit your gift and add a bow that matches one of the shades on the box. Your present will be sure to stand out.