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What to do With Holiday Cards

January 2nd, 2013 Seasonal

The holiday season comes with an abundance of greeting cards. Whether you receive them with gifts, in the mail or in person, it's tough to know how to arrange them. Rather than simply throwing them out or piling them on the table, try one of these decorative ideas.

1. Use ribbon to hang all of your cards together in a fashionable display. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to hold several cards, then attach them down the center of the ribbon. You can hang the collection on the side of a doorway, on the wall or wherever else you think a little holiday decoration is needed.

2. Use the fronts of cards as name tags for presents. Just cut a couple of squares out of each cover and attach them to gifts so everyone will know the recipient.

3. Make a card tree. Find a small branch outside and put it into a glass vase. Fill it with marbles or rocks to hold the tree in place. Use a hole punch to make openings in the cards, then string them up onto the tree with small pieces of ribbon.

4. You could even use the cards to decorate your Christmas tree. Use ornament hangers to hang the cards on the branches. Just make sure to keep them away from any lights - as they could get hot.

5. Attach the cards to your window blinds. Whether they're horizontal or vertical, use a paperclip to hold them in place.

6. Clear off your mantle and arrange the cards on top. You won't have to worry about creating a different seasonal display and any guests you have will be thrilled to see their cards prominently in sight.