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What to Give Your Hostess

January 2nd, 2013 Seasonal

When considering how to show your hostess your appreciation, think outside the wine box and give her something unique. Instead of sticking to the standard go-to gift, choose a token that requires a bit more thought for a special thank-you message.

Everyone loves cookies. Make a fresh batch for your hostess before you head over. Use her favorite recipe or ingredients for a personalized treat that will show her you care. Place them in a pretty unique tin that she can reuse again and again.

Decorative personalized stationary and cards are gifts she can put to good use. Look for the colors and designs she likes and make sure the cards have blank insides so she can use them for any occasion.

You know your friend likes having people over, so why not give her some pretty coasters to put on the table? Choose a design that will match her decor and add a pop of color to any living or dining room.

If you're at a dinner party, bringing over a food item is great, but giving your hostess dishes to store her homemade foods in is even better. Look for casserole dishes or dessert bowls with fun designs that she'll look forward to showing off.

If you know your hostess likes to play games, give her one that she can enjoy with family or friends. If she's got a good vocabulary, look for a word challenge to test her skills. A set of games will offer endless entertainment, and your hostess will be impressed with your thoughtfulness.