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What's Popular in Fashion This Spring and Summer

January 2nd, 2013 Seasonal

We're well into the spring season, and with it comes the latest wave of fashion trends from New York and Paris. With so many fashion shows taking place in the next few months, it can be difficult to wade through the hundreds of styles walking down the catwalk. However, if your most recent bout of spring cleaning has left your wardrobe somewhat lacking, fear not! Several notable trends that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe have popped up. If you're ready to hit the store for your next big shopping spree, here's what's hot among the fashion elite.

1. Bright color blocking. Unsurprisingly, spring has made bright, vivacious color schemes quite popular. However, designers these days are eschewing traditional patterns or solid hues for large blocks of color. For instance, you can pair a forest green skirt with a pale salmon blouse and sky blue shoes for a striking and effective look. If you choose to go with this style, it may be best to stick to a maximum of three colors - if you overdo it, you could wind up looking like a cartoon character!

2. Bold prints. Most of us have a few pieces with subtle prints, but the runway was filled with huge, loud ones throughout the season. We're talking full-body patterns in a number of different looks, including oversized florals and symmetrical geometric patterns on the left and right sides. Summoning the courage to pull this off may seem difficult, but try pairing one piece with simpler elements. As you grow confident in your ability to wear bold prints, try branching out and see how it feels.

3. Orange and tangerine. Orange you glad you didn't throw away that clementine-hued dress? As it turns out, the color is back in a big way! The fashion world has been practically overrun with citrus. And the best part? There's no additional work required! Simply wear your favorite orange piece of clothing and you're good to go. Easy, right?

4. Pastel shades. Of course, not every lady is interested in standing out in something as bright as orange. Not to worry - New York Fashion Week has got you covered! Modest, slightly muted pastel shades are definitely growing in popularity right now, which is great for those who'd like to give off a sophisticated, chic, ladylike look without sticking out quite as much.

5. Metallic hues. You might be skeptical at the prospect of wearing a bright, reflective metallic-green wrap skirt, but the look has proven to be a hit among designers this year. Naturally, you don't have to go full-on '80s to enjoy the style - stick with one piece and design the rest of your ensemble around it. What's important with this look is making sure you only have one focal point, otherwise you could be a walking example of clashing.

6. Midsection. You don't have to bare your entire midriff to achieve this look, but there were plenty of models at New York Fashion Week who showed that a little bit of abdomen can do a lot to an ensemble. As long as you keep it relatively modest, you should have no problem pulling off this look. It's a great way to stand out from the crowd without overdoing it.