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Yard Sale Tips That Will Attract Prospective Buyers

June 4th, 2013 Seasonal

During the height of spring cleaning season, many homeowners will make a concerted effort to de-clutter their homes and get rid of unwanted items. What you may see as junk could have tremendous value to another person, so holding a yard sale in the spring is a great way to get those finds off your hands and make a bit of extra money in the process. If you've never hosted one of these sales before, the following tips could help you maximize your foot traffic.

Use various forms of advertising
Going the old-fashioned route of posting flyers around town is a great place to start, but looking into print advertisements could reach new audiences. With an abundance of bargain hunters looking into tag sales like yours during their weekend plans, make sure you include your yard sale information in two or three local newspapers to reach a larger group.

Hold a neighborhood tag sale
One way to attract a bevy of buyers is to coordinate with your neighbors to hold a collective yard sale. This will bring plenty of products to the table for prospective buyers to check out, and it could convince more people to come out of the woodwork when they know that multiple sellers will be in one place.

Price as you go
Buyers like to know that they can haggle a bit with the yard sale host if they see something they like, so hold off on placing price tags on all of your items. Talking with your buyers could help you start off from a high price point and work your way down. Additionally, having that personal touch could go a long way toward a potential sale and could help you get a better deal in the process.