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52 Card Pickup

If you love fast and furious card games, then you’re going have a ball playing 52 Card Pickup. All you have to do is remove every card from the pile in sequential order. Think it’s easy? Well, think again because you only have two minutes to clean the board. A single 52 Card Pickup game only takes two minutes to play, but this game is so addictive, don’t be surprised if you get sucked into playing for hours on end!

Ready to start playing this challenging single player card game? Just register at and you can start playing the classic 52 Card Pickup game online for free today.


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October 20th, 2014

Halloween can be one of the most exciting holidays for kids. Between dressing up in costumes, being handed candy for hours and walking around the neighborhood at night when it's dark and spooky, can you blame them?However, the holiday isn't always all fun and games.As you carve pumpkins for the front stoop, collect costume pieces and watch scary movies,...


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Do you abandon your knitting in the summer, thinking it's just too hot to keep making scarves and sweaters? These aren't the only things you can knit, however, and you don't need to wait till the frost to pick up your needles again. You simply need the right projects and materials to create clothing and accessories that you'll love even in July.Sweaters without...


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The memories of this summer will last a lifetime, but the damage it did to your hair doesn't have to! Identifying the culprits 1. Sun Sun exposure is always hard on your mane, but the intensity of summer's sunshine can leave your hair truly fried. Jessica J. Krant, M.D., says the ultraviolet rays of the sun actually cook the hair shaft, according to...


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Other than serving as landmarks for passing ships, lighthouses have a place in the annals of American tourism. People sometimes travel great distances to see these nautical beacons and experience the awe of the ocean. Here are some of the best lighthouses to visit in America.Portland Head Light - Cape Elizabeth, Maine According to Mother Nature Network, this landmark is one of...