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DIY Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

September 16th, 2011 Tools

If you're thinking about selling your house anytime soon, you may want to consider completing a couple of DIY upgrades that will increase the value of your property and give you more selling points. Consider the following enhancements if you're looking for easy ways to spruce up your decor!

It may seem superficial, but curb appeal is important to many
buyers. Attract their attention with a couple of these easy outdoor makeover ideas.

1. Try replacing your exterior doors. You'd be surprised how simple it is to install a more appealing front door. Research some of the most popular styles and consider which one would look the best on your exterior.

2. Even though it may be a bit more expensive, a wooden deck could add a lot of value to your home. If you make a nice roomy one off the back of your house or even in the front, buyers will be more likely to envision themselves in your space.

3. Change the paint color. If your house is a quirkier shade, such as pink or blue, that might be a problem for sellers, so you may want to consider opting for a more neutral hue that more people would be likely to find appealing.

The indoor portion of your house obviously matters too! Try one of these upgrades.

1. Remodel the basement or attic. If you take the time to transform these unused areas into bedrooms or family rooms, it will increase the value of your house.

2. Add a shower or bathtub to a half bath. Half baths are convenient, but the more full baths you have, the more the value of your home increases.

3. Upgrade your kitchen. Whether it's the floor, cabinets or appliances, there's always room for an upgrade in the kitchen. Try to pick materials and elements that would cater to many different types of buyers.