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Essential Items to Have in Your Toolbox

September 16th, 2011 Tools

Even if you're not a repairman, chances are you'll eventually need to have a well-equipped toolbox around the house in case something breaks or you want to do a little home renovation. To make sure you can get the job done, you may want to have some of the following items at your disposal:

-Measuring tape. It helps to get one that locks in place so you can avoid having it snap back at you. You can use this to help figure out what furniture to buy or measure what size window treatments you need.

-Screwdriver set. Magnetized sets come in handy if you think you'll be prone to losing the small pieces. You can use screwdrivers to fix furniture, tighten screws or even open up battery compartments in toys.

-Needle-nose pliers. You may not be an electrician, but having a pair of these around could help you get rid of decorative wires that poke out, like those from a lampshade, or even to fix the clasp of a necklace.

-Hammer and nails. You might not be doing any heavy construction, but if you're decorating, you may want to use these to hang a picture or a bracket.

-A level. This can be helpful when you're decorating and can't figure out whether or not the picture you're hanging is straight.

-A saw. This could come in handy if you need to get rid of some branches outside or adjust a piece of furniture so it stops wobbling.

-A Stanley knife. You can use this to cut open boxes and things that would leave your kitchen knives dull.

If you decide to take on more advanced or specific projects, buy the necessary tools as you go and expand your collection. Before you know it you'll have enough items in your arsenal to tackle any home project that comes your way.