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Handy Tools For a Backyard Barbeque

September 16th, 2011 Tools

Next time you throw a fun outdoor party, save yourself some hassle by stocking up on these handy barbecuing tools. You'll look like a professional out there.

1. A grill tray. Find a metal one that will conduct heat so you can fire up tasty treats, like pizza or quesadillas, without worrying about small pieces falling through the bars. You can also use the tray to keep food hot right off the grill.

2. Tongs. These are better than forks, which can cause some of the meat's juices to squeeze out. Get a stainless steel pair, which are easy to clean and offer maximum control - much better than a spatula for non-patties.

3. A rib or wing rack can organize your meat to stand up vertically so you have plenty of space for more food on the grill. Just place them in the slots and put it on top of the grate.

4. A grill brush. This is pretty much a necessity for keeping your equipment clean. The hard bristles will scrub off any tough charred residue before you cook and after you're done.

5. A light. If you find yourself frequently barbecuing after dark, a grill light can come in handy so you can actually see what you're doing. There are models that clip right on to the side or the lid so you can spotlight the area you're using.

6. A thermometer. No more agonizing over whether or not the meat's done with one of these. A digital thermometer is easy to read and offers you instant knowledge.

7. A grilling spatula. A good one slips right underneath your burger patties. Some varieties even have grooves to fit right into the bars of your grill. Clever!