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How to Change a Bicycle Tire

October 21st, 2011 Tools

Sooner or later, most bike riders will find themselves faced with a flat tire that needs replacing. Whether you're on the road or in your garage preparing for the bicycle-riding season, it's useful to know how to change a bike tire. Here's a how-to guide, according to Performance Bicycle and

You need the proper replacement tools before you begin, which include tire pumps, tire levers and spare tubes.

1. Poke the tire lever between the tire and the rim, getting all the way under the bead, or inner edge, of the tire. Bend it back toward to spokes and hook the lever underneath one. Then place another tire lever a foot or two away from the first one, securing it the same way.

2. Use another tire lever to get the bead off of the rim in between the two other levers, then take them out before using the lever to take the rest of the tire's bead off the rim. The tire will be half on and half off.

3. Remove the other side of the tire from the rim using your fingers or the tire lever. Make sure both edges of the tire come off over the same side of the rim.

4. If you're putting in a new tube, remove the old one and either patch it or throw it out. Make sure to run your fingers carefully inside the tire to check for anything sharp that could have been responsible for the flat. Then put the valve stem through the hole in the rim.

5. If you're replacing the tire, put the new tire on the rim so that one of the beads is on it. Put the tube's valve stem through the hole in the rim first so it's up inside the tire.

6. Squeeze the tire and pull the second edge onto the rim. Work your way around, making sure the inner tube stays inside the tire.

7. Pump up the tire and be on your merry way!