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How to Install Cabinet Doors

November 4th, 2011 Tools

Updating the look of your kitchen can be easy and affordable if you simply paint your existing cabinets, change the hardware or get new cabinets altogether. To execute either of these approaches, you'll need to know how to attach the doors. To ensure that they hang straight and close completely, follow these steps from The Home Depot and DIY Network.

1. Get your new doors ready for attachment by removing the packaging. Install all of the hardware then hang the doors on the cabinet face frame. You may want to use a soft cloth underneath the doors to protect them from scratches or clamp them in a vertical position.

2. Attach two hinges to the backs of the doors, about 2 inches (or the length of the hinge) from the top and bottom. Use three hinges if the door is more than 30 inches tall. Screw in the holes, starting with the center hole so it will align properly.

3. Mark a reference line with masking tape on the top face frame rails to keep the tops of the doors aligned. Center the doors over the openings.

4. Use masking tape to mark where the hinge is on each door.

5. Open the hinges and position the doors against the edge of the frame so the hinges are aligned with the tape. Drill pilot holes into the frame and use mounting screws to anchor the hinges. Be careful not to drill all the way through.

6. Remove the masking tape, then admire your handiwork. If you have new drawer fronts to attach, make sure they are level even before you attach them. Your kitchen will look like new!