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Organizing Your Garage

September 26th, 2011 Tools

Many people store the majority of things they don't need or don't use in the garage. As a result, tons of items can accumulate and, before you know it, there won't even be room to park a car anymore! To take back control over your garage, get organized with a few of these tips, inspired by Southern Living and TLC.

Get rid of extras The first step to getting organized is sorting through everything that's in your garage and removing anything you don't need. Throw out anything that's broken or unusable and make a pile of things you could sell. Any items that have potential value are great for a garage or online sale.

Sort and gather If you have tools, gardening equipment, bicycles and other items scattered all over the place, it's time to group similar pieces together. Not only is this convenient because you'll be able to find what you're looking for, but it will also prevent your garage from looking like a random storage area. Keep items that you use the most often easily accessible.

Maximize your space If you use accessories to open up the garage and allow for more storage, you'll find that once everything's been put away, the area is much larger than you thought. Consider using shelves, hooks, pegs, storage bins and even drawers to accommodate your items neatly and efficiently. Use stackable bins if you recycle in order to give yourself more floor space.

Before you get started with these tips, be sure to clean so your newly organized space looks as good as it possibly can. After all, how often do you sweep the garage? It could probably use a little broom action.