Survey FAQ's

Got questions about PCHsurveys? We can help!

PCHsurveys is an online destination for survey taking, powered by Publishers Clearing House. PCHSurveys offers participants an opportunity to share their opinions with companies providing goods and services to a vast consumer marketplace. By sharing your opinions, you will be able to influence their decisions and improve their offerings. Plus, you’ll get rewarded with tokens and sweepstakes entries! PCHsurveys lets you enjoy great surveys for big rewards all across our websites, apps and emails! Your opinion can help make a real difference. Now, we want to make sure your experience is as relevant and as fun as possible, so how it works is, the first time you click any of these opportunities, you’ll be asked a few quick pre-qualification questions to make sure a survey is the right fit for you. From there, you’ll be directed to the website of a third-party survey provider where you can take a survey that lasts anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Then, once your survey is done, you’ll be brought right back to where you’ll receive all the big rewards you may have scored. It’s so easy! Check out PCHsurvey’s Program Details for additional information. PCHsurveys are fun and rewarding but it is important that you read all questions carefully and answer honestly.
You can take as many surveys as you’d like on desktop and mobile, all day, every day with the click of a survey link but remember, have fun and answer all questions honestly. Unfortunately, you may not qualify for every survey opportunity you select. PCH does not determine the qualification criteria and is not responsible for it. Qualification criteria for a particular survey is determined by the third-party survey provider.
There are lots of ways to answer surveys with PCH but the quickest way to find surveys is by clicking the “Surveys” tab on the PCH website. Then, after you complete 3 surveys in a month, if you are opted in to our PCH email program you will receive ongoing emails from PCHsurveys with even more fun survey opportunities. Want to start sharing your opinion by taking PCH surveys right away? Click the link here.
Survey length will depend on a variety of factors, but the promotion you select will indicate the approximate length.
PCH only collects data from the pre-qualification questions asked before you are directed to a survey provider. No data from the survey provider is sent back to PCH but you can be sure that any data PCH collects from pre-qualification questions is held in accordance with PCH’s Privacy Policy. You may be asked to consent or agree to a survey provider’s terms of service or privacy policy in order to participate; you should always review these third-party terms of service and privacy policies carefully.
Any survey you take can have one of three statuses:
Complete – This means the survey provider found that you answered all questions and your survey was a success. You’ll be directed back to the PCH website and will get full rewards.

Incomplete / Disqualified – If you see this, it means you did not qualify for a survey based on the prequalifying questions asked by the survey provider. You’ll be directed back to the PCH website and will get some of the rewards since you spent time answering as many questions as you could.

Unsuccessful – This means you exited the survey before it was complete. No rewards will be given.
Surveys are considered incomplete when the survey provider chooses not to have you complete the survey based on qualifying questions. If you do not meet the survey criteria you are sent back to the PCH website and will still receive some rewards. You can click on the survey link again to try qualifying for a different survey.
The PCHsurveys loyalty program has three statuses: Influencer, Influencer Pro, and Influencer Pro+. You are automatically enrolled in a status based upon the number of surveys you complete in a month and each status makes you eligible for exclusive rewards. To find out more about the PCHsurveys rewards program, click here.
Did you… Click on a survey link on the PCH Surveys Tab or in the Daily Email and not get directed to the correct location? Complete a survey and get redirected to PCH but did not receive the correct rewards? If so, or if you have any other concerns, please contact us.
To make it even easier for you to enjoy surveys you love, if you are opted in for PCH emails you will automatically start to receive daily emails after completing 3 or more surveys in a month. Daily emails give you instant access to surveys right in your inbox.
There’s no need to sign up if you are already opted in to receive emails! Just complete any 3 surveys in a month and you will automatically get survey emails, too – it’s that easy! It can take up to 24 hours after completing the surveys to start receiving these emails so make sure you check your inbox daily.
We hope you’ll love getting surveys right in your inbox but, if not, we’ve made it easy to opt out with the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.
You’ll see how many Token rewards you’re eligible for prior to clicking on any survey opportunity. Completed surveys will get you the full amount of Tokens for the link clicked and incomplete surveys will get you a smaller amount. Remember, surveys that are exited early will not get you any Tokens, so make sure you finish once you get started. Once awarded, your Token rewards will appear in the Token History tab. If you think you should have received tokens and didn’t please: Contact Us
You’ll get PCH Tokens just by completing our surveys!  There is no cost involved and you can use your Tokens to enter daily drawings for a wide range of prizes!
Over the age of 18? You can use your Tokens to enter to win daily drawings in the PCHrewards Token Exchange. Click hereto check out all the great prizes we have waiting for you. To learn about how to view winners in the PCHRewards Token Exchange, please click here. If you don't redeem all of your Tokens, don't worry - Tokens never expire and you can always get more by playing games, entering sweepstakes and, of course, taking surveys!
You can view how many Tokens you’ve scored recently, and what you redeemed them for, by clicking the "Token History" link below your token balance at the top of any screen. This history is maintained for one month.
PCH Tokens do not expire. We always display your All-Time Tokens earned, right at the top of the page at, and this number never decreases. Your Token Balance is the number of tokens you have in your account that you have not yet redeemed for entries in our Token Exchange. This token balance can go down but don’t worry, you can always score more, and the Tokens you do use could win you some amazing prizes. To learn more about Tokens - how to earn them and what to do with them, check out this video.