History Quizzes

Did This Historic Event Happen In Pennsylvania?
"Virtue, Liberty and Independence!"
Quiz: Which War Were These Historical American Military Leaders Famous For?
Who fought when?
Quiz: What Year Did These Border States Join The Union?
Right next to Canada or Mexico.
Quiz: Do You Know Christian History?
Can you win?
Quiz: Can You Name The Comedy Team?
Making us laugh for years.
Quiz: Can You Name This Historical Genius?
Can you name history's geniuses?
Quiz: Which Historical British Colonies Are These?
Those anglos got everywhere.
Can You Guess These Historic People Born In October?
Just in time for fall.
Quiz: Guess These 1976 Movies From A Single Picture Each
Can you dig it?
Quiz: Did This Event Happen In The 1920s Or 1940s?
These decades were polar opposites.