History Quizzes

Are These European History Facts True Or False?
A pig was sent to jail?!
Quiz: Are These Historical Actors British Or American?
Oi, which were the yanks here?
Can You Name These Nostalgic American Things?
Not just stuff, it's a state of mind.
Are These Asian History Facts True Or False?
China sells air in cans?!
Quiz: Did This Happen In The 1700s Or 1900s?
Was Ben Franklin alive during WWI?
Quiz: Guess These 1985 Movies From A Single Picture Each
"We're all pretty bizarre."
Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The 1990s?
Quiz: What Country Are These Historical People From?
They all gotta come from somewhere.
How Much World History Do You Know From The 1950s?
All the world history from the 1950s!
Quiz: Can You Name These Famous Boxers?
Yo, Adrian! Can you do it?